Who are we?

Who Are we? 
SuperWafels hand makes, and sells so called Stroopwafels (actually called 'treacle waffles' or syrupwaffles, but we prefer the word stroopwafel) at a range of sizes and shapes on the (online) market. 
Ofcourse we use the original Gouda recept for our syrup waffles, and use no additives such as foodcolouring and artificial tastes.
The "SuperWaffle" has a diameter of 15 cm, or 6 inches, and is well known in the Netherlands.This Super Sized Stroopwafel is hand made on the spot, and eaten hot. 
The scent and flavour is well appreciated by all nationalities throughout the world.
It goes without saying tht the stroopwafels sold in our shop are from the same quality!
we only sell quality syrupwaffles.

Our Stroopwafel stand
SuperWafels uses a syrupwaffle stand that is compatible in all area's, inside or outside. 
The small size, but good capacity makes it a perfect contribution to your parties.
You can hire us for your events, (private) parties, wedding, anniversary, birthday or company-related, anywhere. 

Inside or outside 
To attract people to your stand this is truly irresistible! From hundreds of meters people are attracted towards your point of interest..! 
Think of another way to get your potential clients towards your shop or stand in a few minutes.
We can both bake on gas and electric!

Think of a nice give-away for your guests, clients or family at your anniversary, wedding, birthday or any thinkable occasion!
For companies as a stunt,Business-asquaintances, staff, X-mas, target or just for fun! 
Any creative idea from your side we can offer.
syrup waffles rule..

The syrup waffle crumbs we sell, are especially appreciated by the children, smuthered with a thick layer of syrup.
Fun guaranteed at your children's party!

Supplier for dough, syrup, baking equipment, raw materials and ready-made syrupwaffles.
We can provide all you need to start your own syrupwaffle-shop, anywhere on the planet! 

Please mail us for any questions, orders or information.

Maarten Kroeb
Robert Stolzhof 171, 
1628 XA Hoorn,
 Phone: +31 (0)6-50 44 67 17, 

Stroopwafels BIG and Small, 
You gotta love 'em all!